Legacy archive


LEGACY PROJECT is an exploration of Kiwi queer culture through genuine stories from New Zealanders today. We each have a role to play in passing our legacy along to the next generation – a legacy of acceptance, camaraderie and life getting better. We pass on this legacy by engaging others in our life experience. We share these six diverse tales with you to entertain, inform and open up the queer Kiwi experience.

By supporting the development of emerging writers and directors we hope to encourage more LGBT theatre in Auckland inspiring audiences to get involved and share their own personal stories with the wider community.

Rainbows and Cobwebs
Writen by Sarah Daymond, directed by Joni Nelson
Featuring Amanda Tito (ALEX), Iana Pauga (IRIS), Kat Glass (WILLOW)

At the end of her unexpected and unwanted birthday party, world-weary Willow meets Alex. Alex is flirty, disarming, and the perfect Prince Charming. But there's something else about Alex that Willow could never predict.

Wairarapa Faultline
Writen by Michael Ciuchini, directed by Benjamin Henson
Featuring Hannah Paterson (MELANIE), Michelle Leuthart (SALLY), Steven Ciprian (GEOFF)

Still shaken by a devastating loss, a mother struggles to keep her family together. When her youngest son drives off into the night, alone and in distress, Sally realises the cracks in the family foundation are deeper than first thought. Can she make things right before it's too late?

Locked Out
Writen by Bruce Brown, directed by Jesse Hilford
Featuring Coen Falke (GUY), Cole Jenkins (KID)

3am on a quiet, inner city street. Late night sexual encounters with strangers and conversations about Pokemon. After all, the only people still awake at that time can't be up to anything good...

Full Disclosure
Writen by Nathan Joe, directed by Patrick Graham
Featuring Boni Tukiwaho (TOBY), Steven Ciprian (MATT)

After a night out, Matt and Toby struggle to consummate their relationship because of a problem between the legs. When bumps in the road turn into roadblocks, at what point is love not enough?

D' You Remember?
Writen by Rhona Vickoce, directed by Sarah Jansen
Featuring Alex Ellis (JOY), Breigh Fouhy (DI), Katie Fullard (LIZ), Patricia Wichman (NAOMI), Ian Harvey (MC)

Marriage equality has come to New Zealand, and at a wedding reception in Auckland, four women reminisce about women-loving lives ingrained in our city's history, rooted deep in Kiwi culture.

The Playground
Writen by Joni Nelson, directed by Roberto Nascimento
Featuring Andrey Sukhomlinov (MIKEY), Cole Jenkins (MATT), Eloise Pengelly (ALEX), Hannah Diver (CHLOE), Michael Berry (JONO), Sophia Johnson (BEA)

A group of teenagers gather to drink themselves into the New Year. However amongst the festivities and laughter lie the secrets and insecurities of six very unlikely friends. With tension rising, will they still be together by the time the clock strikes twelve?