Legacy archive


We are very excited to return for our second year of development and to continue exploring the modern Kiwi queer experience, this year as part of both Auckland Pride AND Auckland Fringe 2015.

These six plays are a diverse mixture of the stories that excited us. They are all personal, heartfelt and while they might not cover the entire spectrum of queer gender and identity, they do showcase their own unique viewpoints and experiences that are worthy of the legacy we want to share.

Act of Submission
Writen by Nathan Joe, directed by Joanna Craig
Featuring Theodore David (SEAN) & Timothy Whale (NICK)

The limitations of love are put to the test during a night of sexual role-playing. Who will submit first? Nick or Sean? Master or Slave?

One More Day
Writen by Jordan Keyzer, directed by Borni Te Rongopai Tukiwaho
Featuring Damien Levi (CODY), Jo Clark (MUM), Matt Halliday (DAD) & Rachael Jocelyn (SAM)

Is it more important to help someone out of the closet, or protect yourself? When Sam’s best friend decides he's ready to leap out of the closet, fear and friendship go head-to-head.

Negative Space
Writen by Cole Meyers, directed by Luke Thornborough
Featuring Jess Holly Bates (C), Kat Glass (A), Kurt McCarthy (D), Kyrus Watson (B), Rebecca Swaney (VARIOUS) & Steven Ciprian (VARIOUS)

Personal moments from trans people's lives show what it means to be heard, exploring visibility and silence within families, relationships and ourselves.

Top and Tail
Writen by Bruce Brown, directed by Sarah Jansen
Featuring Lucas Haugh (JAMES) & Matthew J Smith (TOM)

We all grow up, but do our friendships change with us, or do we leave some friends behind? Two teens question their shifting relationship when they share the same bed for the night.

A Love Story
Writen by Todd Waters, directed by Jesse Hilford
Featuring Andrew Parker (DAMIEN) & Harry Summerfield (MICHAEL)

When Michael moved away, Damien had no choice but to move on. But when Michael returns, wanting Damien back... Can he forgive or has too much happened for there to be any hope?

Queer Support
Writen by Joni Nelson, directed by Lisa Fothergill
Featuring Andrew Gordon (JAMIE), Chris Bryan (JAMES) & Geneva Norman (GIRL)

Shy teenager walks into a Queer Support office looking for help and a little direction. However this space is not all that it seems, and a young girl is about to find that there's a whole lot more to being gay than just liking the same sex.