Legacy archive


Welcome to LEGACY PROJECT 5, our fifth year supporting up-and-coming voices within our diverse queer community to develop and share their own stories on stage.

Writen by Ciarin Smith and David Butler, directed by Roberto Nascimento
Featuring Andrey Sukhomlinov (KOLYA), Fabian MacGregor (JAMIE) & Zak Enayat (TOM)

Sand, sex and romance. Tom, Jamie and Kolya navigate the complexities of a polyamorous relationship on a weekend camping trip.

Vision Of Desire
Writen by Aatir Zaidi, directed by Amie Bentall
Featuring Kurt Utai-Laurenson (JOSH), Ravi Gurunathan (NATE), Ryan McKee (OFFICAL P85) & Zach Robinson (MICHAEL)

Government mandate #17: every person is required to find their soulmate by their 30th year.

Clean Up In Aisle 3
Writen by Ashleigh Ogden, directed by Steven Glyde
Featuring Lee-Ann Dirks (CHARLIE) & Sherry Zhang (LUCY)

Charlie and Lucy were once lovers but now they are strangers. When they meet by chance in the supermarket they realise that things are never that simple.

Writen by Danny Lam, directed by Matt Baker
Featuring Will Moffatt (F) & Zak Enayat (D)

Is it masculinity? Is it racism? Is it safe? Is it sex? Two strangers dance a mutual dream, embracing without touching.

On The Experience Of People Whose Life Is Exactly Mine
Writen by Hamish Annan, directed by Stephanie Fink
Featuring Kurt Utai-Laurenson (VOICE)

Suspended on the threshold of ambiguity and clarity. The disorientation of sexuality.

Mud Maids
Writen by Holly Hudson, directed by Ben Moore
Featuring Ava Diakhaby (ABBEY) & Holly Hudson (CLARE)

Clare has HPV. Everyone makes bad calls. Now she’s gonna make five more.