We need to share our stories and pass them down to future generations. By bringing people together to celebrate our unique viewpoints, we can recognise collective narratives and grow understanding. Legacy Project is a theatre development programme created to support and develop emerging theatre creators within our LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and trans) and queer community by giving them the resources, network and space to share their short theatrical works on stage. The project is a non-for-profit initiative focused on nurturing new queer creators for the New Zealand stage, to discover their own theatrical voices and share their stories back to our community. Participation in the project is open to all. Anyone who wishes to write, direct or perform is encouraged to get involved. OUR LEGACY PROJECT KAUPAPA SHARING OUR STORIES ON STAGE Produce a showcase of six bite-sized and fresh queer works each year as part of Auckland Pride. PASSING THE KNOWLEDGE ON Support the development of emerging queer theatre voices in New Zealand. SHARED STORIES, SHARED NARRATIVES Encourage participation from all corners of our queer community to share their unique stories. BUILDING COMMUNITY FROM OUR SHARED NARRATIVES Create opportunities for queer storytellers to share and network together to advance queer theatre in New Zealand.