30 Aug 2019

Legacy Project is taking a hiatus. After working continuously since 2013 to provide a platform for queer theatre development as part of Auckland Pride, we won’t be returning with our show in 2020. We need to pause and take a break. I realise this news might disappoint some of our fans and this hasn’t been an easy decision to make. Personally I’ve invested alot of time and energy into our six seasons and I’ve felt extreme guilt for even considering this option. There are many multi-faceted reasons behind this decision, but ultimately I’m burnt out. I need to take a step back and focus on myself for awhile. Back in 2013, I saw a gap for development opportunities for queer-centric work and set out to change that. We started Legacy Project to create something vital and powerful together. By stepping back, we hope to leave a space for others to dream and inspire to fill these gaps in their own ways. The real legacy we leave behind is the connections we have created with each other, as audience members and active contributors as writers, directors and actors. You are what makes Legacy Project so special. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting us over the last six years. I hope Legacy Project will return in the future in some new iteration. We believe that by supporting and entrusting new voices we can all grow as a queer community together. We will endeavour to be a part of that positive future with you all. Bruce Brown - Legacy Project Artistic Director