Change the existing narrative and experience a kaleidoscope of bite-sized queer stories with LEGACY PROJECT 4. Written, directed and performed by an exciting bunch of Auckland’s up-and-coming voices, these are our stories to celebrate, to provoke and to uncover our distinct perspectives on modern queer experiences. Each year from open call submissions, we select six scripts for their development potential to curate into this showcase of fresh kiwi work. By encouraging all corners of our diverse queer community to share their stories, we hope to support these future storytellers to shape their own unique narratives on stage. Stories of love and connection, of family and friendship, of empathy and rejection that reveal the experience of being part of the queer kiwi community. We all have a role to play in passing along our stories and legacy to the next generation by examining the lives that have come before us to better understand our place within our wider community. These are our stories, this is our legacy.