We’ll excited to be returning in 2018 for our fifth development year. We want to continue seeking out new stories, new creators to support and new opportunities to connect with each other through our shared narratives. Come and join us in sharing our vital stories on stage as part of Legacy Project 5. OUR LEGACY PROJECT KAUPAPA SHARING OUR STORIES ON STAGE Produce a showcase of six bite-sized and fresh queer works each year as part of Auckland Pride. PASSING THE KNOWLEDGE ON Support the development of emerging queer theatre voices in New Zealand. SHARED STORIES, SHARED NARRATIVES Encourage participation from all corners of our queer community to share their unique stories. BUILDING COMMUNITY FROM OUR SHARED NARRATIVES Create opportunities for queer storytellers to share and network together to advance queer theatre in New Zealand.

Key Dates

9 Dec 2017 Open call actor auditions
3 Jan 2018 Rehearsals begin
2 Feb 2018 Auckland Pride 2018 begins