The Last Date

Written by Sean Carley, directed by Kat Glass

Featuring: David Capstick (GARRETT) & Jake Love (KYLE)

Garrett is your typical kiwi bloke with more than his share of secrets. He's lived a full life with few regrets. But there’s just one thing he'd like to try…


The Pronoun Game

Written by Iana Grace, directed by Todd Karehana

Featuring: Doug Grant (GEMINI) & Kelaan Schlöffel-Armstrong (VO)

Coming face to face with your problems can be terrifying... but is it worse than cleaning your room? What happens when you've exhausted all methods of procrastination?


The Sign

Written by M Villanueva, directed by Joanna Craig

Featuring: Carrisse Utai (REA) & Kyla Dela Cruz (MELANIE)

Torn between two directions, a young lesbian couple struggle to find a middle ground in their relationship while on an impromptu visit to their local sex shop.



Written by Joni Nelson, directed by Hamish McGregor

Featuring: Katie Fullard (DYKE) & Ryan McKee (QUEER)

In the smoking area behind the local gay bar, two unlikely individuals take refuge from a space crowded with distant memories, false expectations, and really shitty music.


Straight Acting

Written by Juliet Lyes and Paulo Va'a, directed by Jesse Hilford

Featuring: Ciarin Smith (FRANK), Jack Fairley (WAITER) & Stephen Lunt (MURRAY)

When Murray and Frank decide to go on a date, keeping up appearances proves to be harder than first thought! Who will slip first and what will the other see?


Sugar Cubes

Written by Dominique DeCoco, directed by Cole Meyers

Featuring: Khloe Lam Kam (SERENITY), Marissa Holder (SOPHITIA), Jasper Sole (ETHAN) & Kelaan Schlöffel-Armstrong (MATT)

A trans woman and her best friend explore their minds with a bonfire and a hit of LSD. What will they discover?