Callum In The Aftermath

Written by Prior McRae, directed by Cole Meyers

Featuring: Rhi Munro (NURSE), Jo Clark (TRACEY) & Prior McRae (CALLUM)

When a hospital visit confronts a mother and son with the truth, they are forced to see how much they have been holding in - and how much they need to let go.


Coming Out Night

Written by Ryan McKee, directed by Adam Rohe

Featuring: Hong Jian (GRACE'S DAD), Kyrus Watson (JAKE), Phillip Good (HARRY), Sam Wilson (GRACE) & Sharon Robinson (JAKE'S MUM)

Two best friends find themselves in the deep end after making a pact to come out to their families.


Daddy Issues

Written by Pedro Diegues, directed by Jake Love

Featuring: Joe Nathan (PETE), Steve Ciprian (SIMON) & Steven Glyde (RAY)

Arriving back home to reality after their not-so-relaxing holiday in Thailand, Pete and Ray discover the worst part about traveling is having to unpack all your emotional baggage.



Written by David Blakey, directed by Ryan Thornhill

Featuring: David Butler (HENRY) & Mike Howell (ANDREW)

If you know you can’t be with someone, is it easy to say you’ll always love them? Andrew is about to find out if love really can last forever when Henry has an important announcement to make.


First Love

Written by Aatir Zaidi, directed by Kat Glass

Featuring: Agustya Chandra (UMAIR) & Ravi Gurunathan (REHAN)

Remember your first love. It’s often memorable and always hard to let go of. In his search for his own divine love, Rehan has fallen for his friend Umair. But could he feel the same way back?


Two Lovers Sit On A Park Bench Holding Hands In The Moonlight

Written by Hannah Owen Wright, directed by Rachael Longshaw-Park

Featuring: Ben Black (HIM) & Maya Wyatt (HER)

A man and a woman sit together on a beautiful night and love is in the air, or is it? Can romance be that straight forward when the fight for a sexual identity gets in the way?